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Anesthesia Circuits

Light weight reduces torque on endotracheal tube, etc. […]

2022年 11月 21日

Breathing Circuits

Divisiθ Bilumen Circuit

Deal for Large Adults down to Paediatrics/Infants Ideal […]

Divisiθ Bilumen IGS Circuit

Improve gas sampling response with low respiratory outp […]

Heated Breathing Circuits

Standard connection for major ventilators Both adult an […]

Gas Sampling Line

Made of medical grade material Designed for precision s […]

Catheter Mounts

Air Cushion Mask

Colored removable hook rings for easy size identificati […]

2022年 11月 22日

Latex-Free Breathing Bag

Lightweight design ISO standard connectors for convenie […]

Intubating Stylet

Made of malleable aluminum covered with plastic sheath […]

2022年 11月 21日