Anesthesia circuits are in combination with endotracheal tube or anesthesia mask, breathing filter and respiratory machine, offering a simple, convenient and efficient passage for clinic gas delivery, such as anesthetic gas, oxygen gas.

Well Lead offers an extensive range of anesthesia circuits covering corrugated, extendable and bilumen tubes, from a basic circuit to a complete kit that includes a variety of components. The anesthesia circuits are available in adult and pediatric sizes and different lengths. If you require a unique configuration, we can customize the proper anesthesia circuits according to your specific requirements and clinical needs.


  • Light weight reduces torque on endotracheal tube, etc.
  • High transparency for good visibility
  • Good tenacity and low compliance
  • Well designed tubing prevents tube collapse
  • Cuffed connections ensure good sealing
  • Available with different types of Wye connectors and elbows


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