Oxygen Therapy and Delivery: How Medical Oxygen Masks Work


Oxygen therapy is a therapeutic treatment that ensures the delivery of supplemental oxygen in addition to the oxygen present in the surrounding air. This treatment allows the patient to get enough oxygen

Latex Foley Catheter: Construction, Advantages, and Applications


Latex Foley catheters have modernized long-term urinary management. They employ a water-filled balloon for retention in the bladder, which expedites uninterrupted drainage into a bag.

What is an Endotracheal Tube?


Intubation is an essential medical procedure performed to save a person’s life when they can’t breathe naturally.

A Guide of Urethral Catheterization Procedure: Different Types of Catheters


The urethral catheterization procedure is a medical technique designed to help empty the bladder and gather urine in a controlled manner.