At Wellead Medical, we take great pride in our expertise in manufacturing high-quality latex foley catheters. As a leading provider of innovative urological solutions, we have dedicated years to perfecting our production processes and ensuring the unparalleled quality of our latex foley catheter products.

Robust Manufacturing Capabilities of Wellead Medical

Our advanced production facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and automated systems, allowing us to maintain the strictest quality control standards throughout the manufacturing process. From rigorous testing to meticulous packaging, our team of experts ensures that every latex foley catheter that leaves our plant meets the most stringent industry requirements.

Wellead’s Proven Research and Development Capability

We introduce cutting-edge healthcare technologies and solutions worldwide. Wellead Medical has 59 FDA-registered products, 141 CE-certified products, 145 China-certified products, 23 Japan-certified products, 30 Canada-certified products, 60 Australia-certified products, and 60 Brazil-certified products. Our strong research and development capabilities have helped us partner with over 100 medical device distributors globally. Manufacturing and sales of the Foley Catheter and Endotracheal Tube are high domestically and globally.  Our products are sold in over 96 countries and territories, including Japan, Europe, and North America, that follow strict criteria.The products are sold in over 700 domestic Grade III Level A hospitals.

Versatile Latex Foley Catheters from Wellead

To cater to the diverse needs of our customers, we provide comprehensive product specifications of Latex Foley Catheters. Our product features include silicone-coat with good biocompatibility, color-coded options for easy size identification, male, female, and child-friendly products as well as single-use designs with sterilization options for added convenience.

The Advantages of Wellead Medical’s Latex Foley Catheters

Our latex foley catheters are designed with the patient’s well-being in mind. The silicone coating has good biocompatibility and reduces the risk of latex allergy, while the color-coding system simplifies size identification for healthcare professionals. Furthermore, our single-use, sterilized catheters eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, contributing to improved patient safety and infection control.

Comprehensive Technical Support from Wellead Medical

At Wellead Medical, we understand that exceptional products are only part of the equation. That’s why we have assembled a team of dedicated technical experts who provide comprehensive support to our clients. From product selection and training to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, our team ensures that our customers can leverage the full potential of our latex foley catheters to deliver the best possible patient care.


At Wellead Medical, we are passionate about elevating the standard of latex foley catheter technology. Through our robust research and manufacturing capabilities and innovative solutions, we strive to provide healthcare professionals with the best tools to deliver exceptional urological care. Experience the Wellead difference and discover the future of latex foley catheters. By partnering with Wellead Medical, healthcare providers can trust that they are equipping their facilities with the most reliable and advanced latex foley catheter solutions.