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Stainless Steel Guide Wire

2022年 12月 1日

PTFE Guide Wire with Fixed Stainless Steel Core

HybriGlide Guide Wire

Hydrophilic flexible tip facilitating safe access and g […]

Monarch Guide Wire

Flexible conical tip facilitating easy insertion into s […]

Hydrophilic Guide Wire

Hydrophilic coating and TPU jacket offering low frictio […]

The ClearPetra® Family

Reduces Intra-luminal Pressure A vortex is created by t […]

Dilation and Drainage Set

Tapered tip of the dilators facilitating less invasive […]

Suprapubic Exchange Set

2022年 11月 30日

Suprapubic Puncture Set

Low Profile integrated balloon minimizes trauma The one […]

Suprapubic Catheter

Medical grade silicone with good biocompatibility for e […]