SuctionPlus Endotracheal tube is designed with the evacuation lumen in order to provide protection against risk of aspiration and decrease the rate of ventilation-associated pneumonia (VAP) in the hospital.


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High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff
Size IDCat. No.Cat. No.
(mm)(DEHP-FREE)Bull Nose Tip (DEHP-FREE)
6.0 A01F01601FA01F05601F
6.5 A01F01651FA01F05651F
7.0 A01F01701FA01F05701F
7.5 A01F01751FA01F05751F
8.0 A01F01801FA01F05801F
9.0 A01F01901FA01F05901F
PU Cuff
Size IDCat. No.Cat. No.
(mm)(DEHP-FREE)Bull Nose Tip (DEHP-FREE)
6.0 A01G04604FA01G05604F
6.5 A01G04654FA01G05654F
7.0 A01G04704FA01G05704F
7.5 A01G04754FA01G05754F
8.0 A01G04804FA01G05804F
8.5 A01G04854FA01G05854F
9.0 A01G04904FA01G05904F
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