• Made of transparent material
  • Can be combined with different types of yankauer handle and connecting tube
  • To suit various requirements


Ordering information

SizeLengthTypeCat. No.
5mm (3/16″)1.8m (6ft)Crown tip with ventN01A031510
5mm (3/16″)1.8m (6ft)Crown tip without ventN01A031610
5mm (3/16″)3m (10ft)Crown tip with ventN01A031530
5mm (3/16″)3m (10ft)Crown tip without ventN01A031630
5mm (3/16″)3.6m (12ft)Crown tip with ventN01A031536
5mm (3/16″)3.6m (12ft)Crown tip without ventN01A031636
6mm (1/4″)1.8m (6ft)Crown tip with ventN01A033510
6mm (1/4″)1.8m (6ft)Crown tip without ventN01A033610
6mm (1/4″)3m (10ft)Crown tip with ventN01A033530
6mm (1/4″)3m (10ft)Crown tip without ventN01A033630
6mm (1/4″)3.6m (12ft)Crown tip with ventN01A033536
6mm (1/4″)3.6m (12ft)Crown tip without ventN01A033636
7mm (9/32″)1.8m (6ft)Crown tip with ventN01A036210
7mm (9/32″)1.8m (6ft)Crown tip without ventN01A036110
7mm (9/32″)3m (10ft)Crown tip with ventN01A036230
7mm (9/32″)3m (10ft)Crown tip without ventN01A036130
7mm (9/32″)3.6m (12ft)Crown tip with ventN01A036236
7mm (9/32″)3.6m (12ft)Crown tip without ventN01A036136

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