Made of softer PVC material, reducing risk of trauma.


  • Softer material for reducing risk of trauma and nasal bleeding
  • Gently rounded tip for atraumatic intubation
  • Preformed tube fits well for the nasal anatomy
  • Can be cut shorter for convenient post-operation suction


Ordering information

Nasal Tracheal Tube with High Volume, Low Profile Cuff
Size IDCat. No.
(mm)Bull Nose Tip (DEHP-FREE)
5.0 A01C08501F
5.5 A01C08551F
6.0 A01C08601F
6.5 A01C08651F
7.0 A01C08701F
7.5 A01C08751F
8.0 A01C08801F
8.5 A01C08851F
9.0 A01C08901F

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