• Suitable for easy and efficient administration of oxygen
  • Soft and smooth open distal end facilitates non-traumatic insertion


Ordering information

TypeSize (Fr)Length (mm)Cat. No.Cat. No. (DEHP-FREE)
With fixed compress, male connector8400R01B030810R01B03081F
With fixed compress, male connector10400R01B031010R01B03101F
With fixed compress, male connector12400R01B031210R01B03121F
With fixed compress, male connector14400R01B031410R01B03141F
With fixed compress, funnel connector10400R01B031020R01B03102F
Plain type, male connector8400R01B030830R01B03083F
Plain type, male connector10400R01B031030R01B03103F
Plain type, male connector12400R01B031230R01B03123F
Plain type, male connector14400R01B031430R01B03143F
Plain type, male connector16400R01B031630R01B03163F
Plain type, funnel connector10400R01B031040R01B03104F
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