• Disposable device used to remove tissue specimens during laparoscopic surgery
  • Especially strong and transparent bag made of impermeable, tear-resistant polyurethane material
  • Prevent diseased tissue from contacting healthy tissue effectively
  • Easy intra-abdominal opening and closure
  • Can be used with 10mm or 12mm Trocar
  • Variety of sizes and suitable for a wide range of procedures


Ordering information

TypeSize (ml)Cat. No.
Type A200O02A010210
Type A400O02A010410
Type A800O02A010810
Type B300O02A020310
Type B550O02A020510
Type B800O02A020810
Type C300O02A030310
Type C550O02A030510
Type C800O02A030810

*5pcs/box, 100pcs/ctn

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