A CICO (can’t intubate can’t oxygenate) situation arises when attempts to manage the airway by tracheal intubation, SAD and face-mask ventilation have failed. Hypoxic brain damage and death will occur if the situation is not rapidly resolved. In the emergency setting, scalpel cricothyroidotomy is the fastest and most reliable method of securing the airway.


  • The Emergency Surgical Cricothyrotomy Kit has been designed to meet emergency requirements, assisting in emergency airway establishment
  • The Premium Bougie is effective at achieving first-time placement
  • Cuffed reinforced tracheal tube protects the airway from aspiration, provides a secure route for exhalation, allows low-pressure ventilation using standard breathing systems, and permits end-tidal CO2 monitoring
  • Scalpel with the same width as the tracheal tube keeps skin incision small with less tissue trauma


Ordering information

Kit Includes
6.0mm tracheal tube
10ml Syringe
PVPI Cotton Balls
Needle with Sutures

*Emergency Surgical Cricothyroidotomy Kit can be customized

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