Intermittent catheterization involves inserting a disposable catheter into the bladder to drain the urine. This helps the bladder empty completely. Once the bladder is empty, the catheter is removed and discarded. It may seem intimidating and difficult at first, but it is a fairly simple procedure. Most people are able to catheterize themselves with a little training and practice.


  • Hydrophilic coating activated instantly for creating an extremely low friction, slippery surface
  • Ready to use with an integrated water sachet
  • Touch-free hygienic protective catheter sleeve
  • Atraumatic tip and eyes for minimal risk of urethral trauma
  • Different connectors for male and female use. Special ergonomicgrip design, tailor made for women’s needs
  • Individually packed and sterile, for single use.


Ordering information

For Men
Color CodeStandard Tip Size (Fr/Ch)PackCat.No. (w/o water sachet)Cat.No. (with water sachet)
Blue8Frbox of 30F01E150810F01E150810
Black10Frbox of 30F01E151010F01E211010
White12Frbox of 30F01E151210F01E211210
Green14Frbox of 30F01E151410F01E211410
Orange16Frbox of 30F01E151610F01E211610
Red18Frbox of 30F01E151810F01E211810
Yellow20Frbox of 30F01E152010F01E212010
Violet22Frbox of 30F01E152210F01E212210
Color CodeTiemann Tip Size (Fr/Ch)PackCat.No. (w/o water sachet)Cat.No. (with water sachet)
Black10Frbox of 30F01E171010F01E241010
White12Frbox of 30F01E171210F01E241210
Green14Frbox of 30F01E171410F01E241410
Orange16Frbox of 30F01E171610F01E241610
Red18Frbox of 30F01E171810F01E241810
Yellow20Frbox of 30F01E172010F01E242010
Violet22Frbox of 30F01E172210F01E242210
For Women
Color CodeSize (Fr/Ch)PackCat.No. (w/o water sachet)Cat.No. (with water sachet)
Blue8Frbox of 30F01E160810F01E230810
Black10Frbox of 30F01E161010F01E231010
White12Frbox of 30F01E161210F01E231210
Green14Frbox of 30F01E161410F01E231410
Orange16Frbox of 30F01E161610F01E231610
Red18Frbox of 30F01E161810F01E231810
Yellow20Frbox of 30F01E162010F01E232010
Violet22Frbox of 30F01E162210F01E232210

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