The Stone Retrieval basket is designed to manipulate, grasp and remove calculi and foreign bodies from the urinary tract. Its detachable handle allows the withdrawal and re-entrance of the scope when the basket is situated.


  • Torque-resistant Nitinol wire basket with round construction facilitating efficient capture and atraumatic manipulation of calculi
  • Low friction kink-resistant sheath providing smooth endoscopic passage
  • Available with different designs: tipless designs allowing for closer proximity to stones; Tipped baskets facilitating access to stones in torturous anatomy
  • Handles and sheaths can be detached easily and completely when needed; the nitinol core can be left in place working as a guide wire when the basket cannot be released from the stone; the basket can be easily re-assembled once it is removed from the patient; Not suitable for 3-wire stone retrieval basket


Ordering information


Size (Fr)Working Length (cm)Basket DescriptionBasket OD (mm)Cat. No.
1.890Straight 4 wire, zero tip11U04B010110
1.8120Straight 4 wire, zero tip11U04B010210
2.2120Straight 4 wire, zero tip10U04B010310
2.5120Helical 4 wire, straight tip15U04B010410
2.5120Helical 6 wire, zero tip17U04B010510
1.71303 wire, open tip8U04B011010
1.71303 wire, open tip11U04B011110
*1pcs/box, 10pcs/ctn

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