• Made of natural latex, and silicone coated
  • Used for open gallbladder procedure to drain bile
  • The stem is often connected to a bile bag


Ordering information

SizeLengthCat. No.SizeLengthCat. No.
10Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05102010Fr20cm x 40cmN01D051030
12Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05122012Fr20cm x 40cmN01D051230
14Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05142014Fr20cm x 40cmN01D051430
16Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05162016Fr20cm x 40cmN01D051630
18Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05182018Fr20cm x 40cmN01D051830
20Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05202020Fr20cm x 40cmN01D052030
22Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05222022Fr20cm x 40cmN01D052230
24Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05242024Fr20cm x 40cmN01D052430
26Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05262026Fr20cm x 40cmN01D052630
28Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05282028Fr20cm x 40cmN01D052830
30Fr15cm x 30cmN01D05302030Fr20cm x 40cmN01D053030

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